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F E E S  A N D  P A C K A G E S 

Bilan de naturopathie




80 € the first consultation

65 € follow-up


For 90 minutes, we explore your personal vision of health together.


I identify with you your greatest challenges, challenges and obstacles. We set goals to implement in your daily life to take you where you want to go, and leave with a personalized roadmap:

- specific nutritional advice

- physical exercise advice

-healthy life advice (breathing, sleep ...)

- advice in micronutrition to set up the cure (detox, revitalization ...)


Then we meet from time to time according to your desires and your needs for 45-minute follow-up sessions.


Nauropathie tarification




240 €



This package of 4 sessions will allow you to get into a routine and make you independent in your diet as well as in your sleep or in managing your stress.


90 minute initial session to explore your personal vision together.


3 45-minute follow-up sessions


You leave each time with a very complete lifestyle program and recommendations that will deepen your approach.


Naturopathie Marc Le Quenven




€ 490



You want to review your lifestyle and lose weight, eat a healthy diet, exercise more, sleep better and balance your life, this package is for you.



90-minute vitality check to explore your personal vision together.


9 45-minute follow-up sessions for:

- Develop strategies that allow you to easily reach your goals

- Find your motivation to make the changes

- Overcome the obstacles that prevented you from getting where you want today

- Set goals for each appointment to reach your ideal, happy and healthy.


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