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Before becoming a Naturopath, I worked for almost 10 years in various consulting firms specializing in market finance. I started to realize my rhythm of life, when I suffered from severe headaches. By changing my lifestyle, the results were immediate and that's when I started to get passionate about eating. I then decided to retrain and integrate a Naturopathy school. I team up with 3 other therapists (Osteopath and Podiatrists in Sport) in 2015 to create the Tourville paramedical center   in Paris where I have been practicing ever since.


I spend most of my childhood between Paris and Brazil, my great source of inspiration. Since then, travel has always nourished me, and it is during these where I find my inspirations. My balance I also owe to the sport that I practice more than 5 hours per week. My leitmotif: to do good by eating without taking yourself too seriously.


Certified naturopathic health practitioner since 2014 by the Higher Institute of Naturopathy ( ISUPNAT ) , school approved by the French Federation of Naturopathy ( FENA)


I am labeled Naturopathic Health Educator by the Organization of Natural Medicine and Health Education ( OMNES ).


Naturopath English speaker / Naturopath English speaking.

Falo fluentemente Português / Naturopath fluent in Portuguese.

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