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Naturopathe Paris

M A R C  L E  Q U E N V E N

H E A L T H  C O A C H

Naturopathe à Paris : Marc Le Quenven

At a time when well-being and the return to nature are becoming fundamental, naturopathy is generating great enthusiasm. General practitioners today call on naturopaths to support their patients in prevention, the various wellness fairs in Paris also highlight this traditional alternative medicine, and more and more naturopaths in Paris lead conferences on the different techniques of this practice.


Graduated in 2013 from ISUPNAT , certified FENA and member of OMNES, I consult:

- at the office in the 7th arrondissement of Paris

- remotely, in video

Passionate about food, micronutrition and sport, I receive consultations from many people who want to lose weight sustainably , thanks to different techniques. (like fasting). I also support a lot of athletes to improve their performance.


Find out when to see a naturopath .

In October 2020, my first naturopathic book "Cuisine Naturelle" was released, published by Marabout. More than 100 recipes based on the principles of Naturopathy.


definition naturopathe

Coming from a recognized naturopathic training , the naturopathic practitioner is a health professional specializing in preventive medicine, complementary to allopathic medicine, who values ​​natural methods to prevent and treat imbalances of the body and mind .


A good naturopath is a practitioner who will reinstall the natural mechanisms by which your body maintains and heals itself through natural methods.


Food being the first and most essential of the relationships that our body maintains with its environment, the naturopath will make it a major lever to rebalance the whole of the individual. We have at our disposal 10 powerful techniques that will help you regain health:

- food: advice on nutrition and micronutrition

- sport: gym, yoga ...

- psychology: relaxation, stress management

- hydrology: hot baths, cold showers, sauna ...

- breathing: cardiac coherence, bolus of jackfruit air

- energy techniques: magnetism, stones

- vibratory techniques: the colors, the flowers of Doctor Bach

- aromatherapy and phytotherapy

- manual techniques: massages, Do In

- plantar reflexology



Consultation naturopathe paris

If you are wondering what a naturopath treats, know that as a naturopathic practitioner we do not intervene on the symptom but we mainly act on the cause.

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More and more of you want to combine performance and natural resources. By practicing sport 5 times a week, I naturally specialized as a naturopath for athletes. The human body has the inherent ability to restore health, but many people ignore the body's signals or take a few pills for temporary relief.

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As a naturopathin Paris,I support anyone wishing to become an actor in their health to increase their energy or regenerate their body, thanks to a global hygiene of life, which will help you to deal with various subjects such as:

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- digestive problems

- weight loss

- the stress

- hair loss

- respiratory allergies

- acne

- thyroid disorders

- the   sleep

- pregnancy

- osteo-articular disorders ...


definition naturopathie

The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies naturopathy as the 3rd traditional medicine in the world, after traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines. It is on these bases that the International Labor Office officially registered it in 1968 and that for its part, UNESCO considers it as a traditional medicine as well.

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Naturopathy defends the “health capital” which is based on the art of staying in good health, of being an actor of one's health and of taking care of oneself by natural means.

Naturopathy encompasses the individual on all levels of being because it assumes that humans can express themselves on different levels: physical, energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual, sociocultural and planetary.

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This discipline is made up of 2 distinct but complementary axes:

  • Keys to an optimum lifestyle

  • Individualized naturopathic keys to revitalize the self-healing capacities specific to our body

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We can therefore conclude that naturopathy has the mission of preventing disease, preserving health, or optimizing it through a healthier lifestyle.

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Naturopathy thus contributes to the promotion of global and sustainable health, which never replaces conventional medicine but supplements it, it is in perfect complementarity with other health, medical and / or paramedical practices.


naturopathie entreprise

As a naturopath in a company in Paris , we educate and coach employees and their supervisors on occupational health.

In individual or group follow-up, the intervention of a naturopath in a company thus improves the skills of employees.

Our support is organized through varied and targeted programs according to the company's objectives, in the form of naturopathic workshops or conferences.

I intervene with the help of other coaches specialized in particular in mental preparation, sports coaching as well as sleep.

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Company managers, occupational physicians, Quality of Life at Work (QVT) managers or even HRDs can organize a naturopathic workshop in Paris .

Workshops naturopathic businesses or well-being at work, meet a need and specific topics such as:

- Learn to better manage your diet

- To better manage stress

- To better understand fatigue and regain energy

- To improve sleep

- To improve teamwork or to anticipate conflicts ...

By contacting us, we will reflect together and precisely on your expectations so that we can offer you a tailor-made program with targeted sessions and exercises . These programs can take place within your company or in webinars .

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Click here to learn more about naturopathic medicine in the workplace


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